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Back to chemistry

Working with Polaroid having rekindled my attraction to photochemistry, I'm now experimenting with cyanotype and planning to make a limited number of smaller prints using this process. Something blue should be available after we've had a bit more of the sunshine upon which cyanotype depends.

                                                                                         Posted 02.02.2018

Windows 20.18

Joint exhibition with painter Cath Dunn at the Blue Moon cafe, Sheffield from 17 January to 27 March 2018.

Posted 09.12.2017

Original 200

Cupola Gallery, 2 September – 14 October 2017.

What is the value of art and does it have anything to do with its price? That is the question the Cupola Gallery is positing in its group show 'Original 200', in which my Endings diptych has its first outing. How do we value time, originality, craft, skill, materials, talent? Art works across all media, everything £200.

Posted 04.09.2017

Gerry's Bakery and Coffee House

There will be a selection of limited edition prints on exhibition at Gerry's Bakery & Coffee House 25 April to 13 May. Open Tues–Sat 9am–6pm. 299 South Road, Walkley, S6 3TA. Great artisan breads, good coffee, and very child-friendly.

Posted 12.04.2017

Polaroid trees

Endings is a new series of Polaroid photographs that marks both the loss of street trees felled in Sheffield’s controversial highways maintenance project, and the end of the age of instant peel-apart film.
    Because this analogue process does not deliver negatives each photograph is unique, measuring 3¼x4¼ inches, framed and mounted with old-school photo corners, signed on the mount and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Posted 08.04.2017

Reclaim Photography Festival

A digital C-type print of Central Park will be exhibited in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and in Wolverhampton Art Gallery May and June in the travelling gallery exhibition Reclaiming Our Cultural Landscapes 2017. Then to be auctioned on 7 July.

Posted 22.03.2017

Publication history

A review of my publications history for DACS 2017 reveals around 400 appearances of my photographs in 50+ publications.

Posted Feb 2017

Christmas 2016 exhibition at Cupola

Have delivered 'Portland Works' and 'Yard' to Cupola Gallery for their next show 'To Please A Few'. Preview 25 November 2016, 7.30pm. And I continue to welcome visitors to my Carr Road studio gallery any time by arrangement. Christmas bargains galore.

Competition winner

Paul won First Prize in the British Horological Institute Photographic Competition The Passage of Time, June 2016.


to be included in Creative Showcase at HillsFest, 9-10 July 2016.

Photographs inspire writing

Woman and child has inspired Kevin Hanson to write his poem Being Human. Park Hill flats I inspired Ruth G Mellor of Walkley Feral Writers to compose Regeneration, accompanying the photograph at the Walkley Festival Art Exhibition, June 2015. 

Photobook: new edition

A new edition of my photo book, re-titled Paul Schatzberger: Photographs 1988—2015 has been commissioned and a copy is now in Ithaca, Greece.


Rare vintage print of Des in ProcessCupola gallery 19 April - 24 May 2014. Evening opening with wine and nibbles Friday 25 April, 7.30pm.

Sable & Ox

Some of my photographs are now available direct on-line from Sable & Ox, a new way to find and purchase unique work that bridges the gap between art and commerce.

National Open Art Competition

Central Park was short-listed for the National Open Art Competition 2013.

On the silver screen

I've finally got into the Royal Academy – in a movie about the great British painter Turner, along with a bunch of other local artists as extras playing Royal Academicians in 1832. Directed by Mike Leigh with Timothy Spall in the leading role, we shot the scene at Wentworth Woodhouse in June 2013. As yet untitled, the film should go on general release after Cannes 2014.

Gallery Town, Rotherham

Lovers' graffiti features in an interactive art installation at Gallery Town 2013 – artwork reproduced in large format and displayed in locations throughout Rotherham town centre.

Our Man in Havana

Cuba photographs support production in the Library Theatre, Sheffield

19-23 Feb 2013.

Photograph inspires poem

Day centre for older people, Havana has inspired poet Kevin Hanson to write Ernesto, published in issue 49 of the magazine The Interpreter's House.

Sheffield Photographic Society

From social documentary to fine art photography

Talk, 18 October 2011: the story of Paul's photographic practice, from documenting the work of Sheffield GPs 20 years ago to making limited edition fine art prints today, via Cuba and other subjects on the way.

Gold Award, Art in the Gardens

Paul's show under canvas was independently judged as being in the Top 10 best-presented displays at Art in the Gardens 2011.


Paul Schatzberger's photographs were projected in live performances by improvising trio JAROSC at Cupola Gallery on three occasions in 2011.


JAROSC (R to L):  

John Jasnoch - mandolin, banjo  

 Angela Rosenfeld - cello  

Paul Schatzberger - accordion, violin  



Photo book

Paul Schatzberger: Photographs 1972—2009 is a large-format photo book that presents a selection of Paul's work including many of the photographs shown in recent exhibitions. It is available for viewing at shows, at the Carr Road studio gallery, and for purchase to order.

Walkley Edge

Paul is a founder member of Walkley Edge, a group of local talent and creativity working together to support their growth as artists and as members of the community. You can see more here (no purchase necessary).

Books out of print

  • Dreams and Defiance: Cuba Beyond the Revolution
  • No Border Control: tales from musicians of the European Doctors Orchestra

Please contact Paul to reserve a copy if and when reprinted.